Who’s afraid of the dark?

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Most people seem to be when it comes to interiors, why are we not embracing the dark colours more?  I can understand people’s hesitation when it comes to using really strong colours like black, they think it will be oppressive and feel like they have ben sent to live in solitary confinement.  I was converted to the dark side years ago, I think I was always going to go for strong colours in my home as I like to dress in bold colours.

I can’t stress enough how much it will transform you home, and will become this dramatic and warm space to live in.  I know it is not everyone’s taste and this is why I love the world of interiors, everyone has their preferred style and I welcome that.  As much as not a fan everyone going for the expected beige, I too would tire if everyone’s home was the same dark colour.

This post it to encourage you to try something new, it might be that you are not confident to paint the whole room dark, so go for one wall, or paint the smallest room in the house so a cloakroom or a bathroom.  And before you say, will a dark colour not make my room seem even smaller, the answer is no! Your small room isn’t going to gain height or width by using white paint, the trick is to paint the ceiling, wall, door frames, skirtings all the same colour, as the colour is continuous you remove boundaries and therefore makes the space feel bigger.

The images below from an Italian Architect, Marzio Cavanna. He embraces dark, in this case thundery greys. In the second image he has painted the door and the radiators so nothing breaks the stronger colour.  He has cleverly highlighted the space by using pieces of white furniture and lighter soft furnishings.  It doesn’t have to be a grey colour that you use, this is just to illustrate how good bolder colours look good in an interior. I think furniture and pictures look better with a dark background they stand out and look more expensive.

TIP: when using dark colours it is important to add lots of lighting (I will dedicate an entire post to lighting) as this creates more atmosphere and compliments the dark colours.  Remember when you were young, you always needed the landing light on or night-light.  This is the same idea and I can assure you, it will mean you won’t be afraid of the dark again!

SGD - Marzio Cavanna-davide lovatti photo marzio cavanna - davide lovatti photo

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  1. vicawhite
    6th February 2014

    I love dark rooms! Great blog and great inspo love your home pics too x


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