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Interiors have this amazing quality that we don’t often realise. Are you aware that you behave or feel different in certain spaces, maybe it is just me? I have certain places I regularly visit, just to sit in, and I instantly feel better. It could be a friend’s house, a hotel, a shop that you have a connection with and as a result you don’t want to leave. If you are like me, can you pin point what is was that made you feel like this? Was it the colour, layout, furniture, atmosphere?

Use these elements as a starting point or a reference when designing a room in your house. You don’t need to replicate it completely, simply just take elements such as a the colour or design style that will lead the overall look of your redesign.  To build on the initial catalyst, look at other sources such as design magazines, books, cultures. Basically any visual source that appeals to you and collate all these items, either on your computer or in paper format in a folder.  When you go through them all, you will notice occurring themes.  That’s what you would then refer to as ‘your style’.  No one as an original design, every references someone or something it is all about trading sources and inspiration to create a unique look.

One if my favourite places is a hotel in New York, called Ace Hotel. It was designed by my favourite designers Roman and Williams, a husband and wife duo who started out as set designers. I love how they don’t reference just one particular style. Their attention to detail continually amazes me, everything is considered right down to the door hinges. I am always drawn to their spaces as they have a sense of familiarity, and have an authentic feel despite them being new. Another of their trade marks is their restricted palette.  I have been thinking about my flat recently and it is not quite working for me, maybe that is because I have had some rooms similar for a while now or just need a new challenge? I know who I will be referencing, I might need to just trade places with my brother who lives in New York.  I am sure that will go down like a cup of cold sick!

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