Sourcing ‘Art’ Work

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On a previous post, I spoke about how to display ‘art’ however, it occurred to me after that I probably should have talked about where to source ‘art’ first. Rather than buying the same generic prints that you see in most house’s, I won’t mention examples as don’t want to offend and at the end of the day it down to what you like. Source pictures/art from places you might not have thought about: degree shows, sale rooms, museum and gallery shops these are just some of my go to places.  You can pick up affordable and often one-off pieces of art, that might well be collectables in years to come! 

To be honest you don’t even need to purchase ‘art’ my vast collection is pretty much  postcards, flyers, old photographs, birthday cards and even tears from magazines that I have gathered over the years and framed.  I have put some images below of framed art I have sourced for my flat.  It’s a great way of adding personality and interest into your home.  Without a doubt it means you end up with a home that represents you and avoids looking like a show home!  

 What about having a go at producing your own art,? You can enrol in short local art course.   In terms of where I am based, Dundee Contemporary Arts run evening and weekend courses in screen printing and photography (and lots more). Get more information from their website

SGD - Art 1

close up of my hallway – Nice stationery is always a good thing to frame and vintage postcards (I am obsessed with collecting old Dundee postcards!)

SGD - Art 2

My Hallway – rethink your notion of what constitutes wall art, not just frames and canvases.  I have an old car registration plate and AA badge.  Soon to have an old RAC badge to add to the collection!

SGD - Art 3

This is actually wrapping paper, it is based on vintage school map of Britain it cost £3 and looks like it would cost much more.  Strange looking at this room set up as it has lots more on the walls now.

All photos taken by the lovely Julie Christie




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