Living Room for the City began in March by inviting the people of Dundee to digitally share images of their much loved social spaces. We’ve found the insights into how inhabitants use this particular room in many different multi-functional ways fascinating, and here at V&A Dundee we now want to explore this theme with the city even further. This July, we’ll be embarking on a ‘Living Room’ workshop tour, where all curious communities are welcome to participate in realising their potential as designers, by getting stuck into a real hands-on experience of creating personalised ‘illuminated objects’ to take away and transform homes across Dundee.

I was asked to assist on the first community engagement project, “Living Room for the City” lead by Pamela Roberts (Learning Manager for Outreach and Communities) along with fellow creative professionals Lynsey McIntosh, Peter Ananin and Jen Robinson from Skill Share.

Through consultation with the team we developed a‘light’ theme for the workshops, and it’s one that emerged quite naturally through brainstorming. Obviously the ‘lamp’ is a prominent living room feature, but we also loved that ‘light’ hints at the likes of sociality, celebration, sunsets, coziness, reflection, warmth, and conviviality – all again linking back to everyone’s favourite room within the home.

The workshops ran over the summer and we visited 8 community centres in and around Dundee.

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V&A workshop