Pretty in Pink

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I am not a huge wearer of pink clothing, and as a result it is not a colour I would generally consider when it comes to interiors. I seem to have a made a decision about pink and I have stuck to it, rather than finding a shade that would work for me. I like to use strong colours so pastels I avoid at all costs and when I think of pink I automatically think of pastel pink or sorbet type colours.  I have a few images below that show a few different pink colours and ways to use them in large doses or just as feature colour. I love the confidence of the image on the left hand side, all the walls, and architectural details like the cornice, skirtings and the ceiling rose have been painted the same pink colour. It is teamed with green and wood which looks great. I am definitely a fan of painting the walls, and architectural details the same colour. Although this colour of pink is a bit much for me, I still like it a lot.  The next image has toned down the pink by using lots of neutrals and as a result the sofa takes centre stage it is the first thing that pops out at you.  You might think having a pink sofa would be restricting but so far it works with green, neutrals, monochrome and as you will see from next couple of images works well with moodier colours like grey and black.


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I do favour the dusky pink colours that you see in the following two images and it looks great with the black and they grey back drop.  Would you have thought about using pink in a kitchen?No, neither had I, but I would now.

Via New Paris Style:Florence Baudoux home photo by Richard PowersIMG_1029

It is this idea of taking risks, that interior design is all about. Otherwise you will not get a room or house that makes your heart skip a beat. You want to walk into a room in your home and feel proud of what you have done.  It does take practice to get the confidence to do it but that is something you can learn.  We are all different and certain colours or designs will appeal more than others. I am not saying you should have a pink kitchen or a pink sofa, it is more to encourage you to seek out a colour that you connect with and also not to dismiss a certain colour as it might be you just don’t like one particular shade.  Its your home at the end of the day no one else’s, do you want to have the same colour scheme as your neighbour or what an interior magazines says you should have? I am hoping the answer is no, colour is the easiest way to transform a room, but sometimes it can be the hardest thing to figure out what colour to do it.   You can take it in stages, maybe you buy an ornament or a piece of furniture in the colour you like first and then maybe paint a wall, and then progress to another wall and so on. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking it in stages, but remember if you do paint all the walls and decide it is not for you, all you have to do is paint it back or change the colour.  We always learn from the mistakes and believe me taking a risk always pays off. via Living etc

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