Please Excuse the Mess: Creative Workshop

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As part of Wasps opened studios 2014, Linsey and I were brought on board to design and facilitate a free drop in creative workshop  to Meadow Mill Studios, Dundee. We’re both creative professionals and graduates of the Interior & Environmental Design course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.  We also share a passion for interiors, places, people and communities so this was a great opportunity for us to devise and deliver a workshop that engaged other in these interests.

Entitled: Please Excuse Our Mess: Workspace in Progress invited visitors of all ages to drop in and collaboratively create a temporary spatial installation that reflected their visions for an ideal creative workspace.

The allocated project room didn’t take long to be transformed into a collective vision of creativity due to a great turnout. Simple materials such as wool, electrical tape, balloons, magazines, paper and pens were available, and Wasps visitors had complete freedom to experiment with the materials.

Some developed their contribution by starting small and then moved towards the wall to work at a much larger scale as they gained in confidence. Others dived straight into weaving wool and tape around the room and furniture to create their own spatial intervention.

It was fascinating to watch individuals ‘draw’ large scale portraits with electrical tape, catch a jeweller weaving abstract necklaces of wool, and observe a couple huddled in a corner, only to reveal an intricate and curious collaged masterpiece.

Regardless of the process creative results were instant and there was an immediate sense of achievement. Everyone quickly became aware there was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach as they saw the unique responses from others unfold.  There was a delight in the realisation that the simple everyday materials could be used in inventive ways to temporarily leave a personalised mark.  One maker commented that it was fantastic to have permission ‘just to let go.’

The creative workspace where we drew, cut, wove and stuck and the final installation itself, became physically intertwined for the afternoon.  Our Wasps visitors were not only the makers of the temporary space, but they became a vital component to the success of the installation itself – injecting it with creative buzz and atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who contributed

Sooz & Linsey

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Linsey & Sooz

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