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For sometime now I have been wanting to post about kitchens. Personally I think it is one of the hardest rooms to design. It is without a doubt the area where you will spend the most amount of money and will cause the most upheaval. However I am going to offer some suggestions on how to update your kitchen without having to ripping everything out. If like most of us you have inherited a kitchen that you can’t justify to replace but needs some attention to make it that more liveable, then fear not I have some suggestions below:

LIGHTING: Source new light fittings, for decorative and oversized lights not just standard down lights or under counter, I do think they have a place but not be the only source of light. Without a doubt get them on a dimmer, as it will allow more flexibility Treat it like any other room in your house, I have a pendant, several lamps and fairy lights.  A good point to mention is you will use your kitchen at different times of the day, so lighting is important as you want it to be practical but not overly clinical. If you are lucky enough to have a large dining area in your kitchen where you will eat when have family and friends round, you don’t want bright lights shining in their face, so if you can choose the type of lighting it will create an atmosphere.

Kitchen - stuga_1 ikea Kitchen - yellow pendants

Think about going for a bold pendant choice, like the yellow above right. It adds a bit of fun and easily changed if want a change.  Or lower the level of the pendants so sit above a table. Your eye is drawn to this as not your standard position and really like the simple exposed lamp. Also group lights together if they are not that big, it makes more of an impact.

DISPLAY: Try and avoid hiding everything in your kitchen in cupboards, display cook books, crockery, glasses etc.  It adds colour, texture and generally a bit of interest so your kitchen doesn’t look like something in a kitchen showroom. Personalise your kitchen, it is a room you will be using a great deal so make sure it reflects you and your style. Everyone forgets to add personality to kitchens. Below the owners have displayed items they will use on a regular basis, so easy access. Blackboard in the kitchen is a great idea, you can put up recipes, shopping lists of a favourite quote.

image Ikea

ART WORK: Like the image below image add a statement piece of art on the wall. They have gone bold and then accessorised to compliment the picture. Or it could have been the other way round? It doesn’t feel to kitcheny, which is why I really like it. I am not overly a pink loving person, but can’t deny this design is refreshing and is on my inspiration boards as a result.

Josephine + Emmanuel Gintzburger from New Paris Style photography by - Richard Powers photo

TABLES + SEATING                                                                                                                                         If you are lucky enough to have a decent sized kitchen that allows for a table it will be a room that you spend quite a bit of time in. Consider what shape of table that will work for you, round is better for being more sociable and breaks up all the rectangular shapes. It is a great way to introduce colour and place you will enjoy sitting at. I like mixing up the chairs in terms of style and finish. You can always pick up wooden chairs that are not expensive and if they are all different that is fine, you can unify them buy painting them the same colour or if the wood is nice then just leave them natural.  It makes for a more casual feel and everyone will like to pick their favourite seat. It is a nice touch and very easy and cheap!

Kitchen tablekitchen table round


I am in the process of rearranging my kitchen before I do some major changes (removing the wall hung cupboards, dad I know you read this. Don’t worry you won’t need to help or wear the magic shirt! (my granda wears a shirt and I used to think it was magic as there was always money in the pocket.)  I will post a picture on my Instagram of my new addition, Richard has been raking in the skips and it is an old brooke bond tea sign.


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    I do read this and relieved to hear that magic shirts are not required! Anyway Mother has spent all my money in Holland!


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