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For the lucky people who are going on holiday in the summer, thinking about a room in your house is most probably the last thing on your mind.  However I am always inspired by a trip away, I love experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, people watching and being inspired creatively by their surroundings both outside and inside.

I always plan to buy something that I can bring back to display in my flat, as a reminder of my trip but it is also a great way of adding personality and individuality to your space. This can be anything from local craftsmanship, a new artist or designer’s work you have discovered or my guilty pleasure (however only a little of) mass-produced souvenirs, like my little yellow NYC taxi car pictured below. It keeps your home light-hearted when you have some cheap and cheerful objects.

JC Photography - Yellow cab

Julie Christie Photography

Really whatever appeals to you, my mum used to buy terracotta serving wear when we went to Spain. She still uses them and I have never seen anything like it here. Food always looks brilliant when served in the glazed terracotta dishes. Home for me is about being surrounded by personal, meaningful objects. I am drawn to pieces that have character and have an interesting narrative.

By widening your focus, you will develop your style further, don’t just be inspired by the same catalogues or shops and embrace new ideas. Record what you like by taking a picture or jotting down anything names of shops, brands or hotels you have seen. You will be able to look them up online when return if you don’t want to spend all your holiday indoors!  The images below give you an idea how a picture from a holiday can then go on to inspire an interior by using the colours, textures, materials etc.  Particularly the balance of colour. In the left hand image the dominate colour is the green, the accents are the grey, white and red. Play around with tones of one colour, the vintage leather chair is a different green but still works really well. Pattern is important the floor just lifts this room. However you might do it the opposite way and have pattern on the walls and a plain floor? There is no right way, it is up to you how you execute it, but always refer back to the original source that inspired and you can’t go wrong. Happy Holidays!

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