Gilt Trip

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I have been indulging myself looking the collections from NYFW fall collections and getting ideas for interiors. Diane Von Furstenberg has lots of gold details in her collection.  Gold or any metallic finishes are great for any room to add a glamorous touch.  I especially love brass with grey it is a classic look and makes a welcome change from all the chrome you see in abundance. I have mentioned before to reference fashion for colour ideas and also finishes. Fashion houses will combine various materials like wool, leather, lace, metal, cotton, velvet etc. They are all materials you will use in your home. So take inspiration, it is a go to source for me. You don’t often see people opting for brass finishes, but then if you do happen to have any brass taps or door handles, they will probably won’t be the type you want to keep. The brass taps and waste in the image below are lovely, and look great against the grey marble tiles. gold brass via habituallychic

Brass furniture is not the easiest item to source and it will tend to be more expensive. However please don’t let that put you off. The round brass coffee table below is a great example the size of the piece suits the size of the room and the round shape is a great addition to counterbalance all the square and rectangular shapes in the room. Again this homeowner has cleverly used lots of grey in their lounge, through mixing different materials. Wood, glass, metal, wool, velvet etc if using lots of grey remember to mix the tones (light and dark.) The beauty of metallic finishes they work well in both modern and traditional contexts. Add a lovely reflective quality, and look good with any wall colour dark or light. Jackie-Astier-family-room-2_001

Few products below I have had on file for a while that are mostly brass (the console table would be classed as bronze) Lassco, Graham & Green, Rocket St George, John Lewis are all high street companies that are offering lots of brass options for your home. If on a limited budget lighting or accessories would be the cheapest way of adding brass to a room. Image

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