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Seeing we have had some lovely weather this week, my plan this weekend is to get out in the garden. I am very much a person who sees my garden as another room and treat it the same way I do when designing an indoor space.

Don’t be afraid to do this despite being outdoors, you need texture, layers and good use of colour the same as indoors. Regardless if your style is English country garden or an urban landscape.

To illustrate my point I have a couple of images below that suits my style. I like using a limited pallet when it comes to the main features (basically the elements that will be there all year round – perennials, fencing or any structures) and then I introduce colour with the layers, such as furniture, annual plants and lighting.

Actually I will go off tangent here, lighting is super important in a garden and means you can enjoy being outside even when it gets dark. Granted this is not a luxury we enjoy that often, as the reason we don’t sit outside after dark is more to do with temperature than lack of light. However, I will still advocate the use of lights in garden, solar powered lights have come along way and you can pick them up relatively cheaply. Ikea do some brilliant solar table lamps which are on my shopping list. I will post a picture in due course. And then how can I not mention good old candles in lanterns, great thing about purchasing lanterns, other than its practical and safety benefits is the added bonus you can use in your house in winter. I have numerous lanterns, cue my dad’s standard comment, are you having a séance! I will dedicate an entire post to lighting, as it is an area most people have difficulty with or don’t use enough of.

Right back to gardens, this garden was designed by American architect, landscaper and interior designer Brian Sawyer and is the home of actress Julianne Moore located in New York’s West Village. Before I even saw the pictures I was won over! You might argue it doesn’t have much colour and basically all the plants are ivy, ferns and boxwoods. Well you would be right but I personally love it. I like dark colours of the slabs and the walls it creates a brilliant back drop for lush green plants and if like me you are into low maintenance gardens then its a winner.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts, my mum’s comment was “its very dark and has no colour well that’s probably why you like though?!” Correct mum, I am not really a pansy girl, much to her disappointment.




All photos from architectural


  1. Trish
    7th June 2013

    Totally agree sooz! Really like the dark and green and the fact it’s not fussy!!!

    • soozgordon
      7th June 2013

      I love it, however i dread to think how much this look cost! I have been in the garden all evening and I just want to start from scratch ha.

  2. beautifuldundee
    8th June 2013

    Enjoying learning more about gardening. My ambition to “green up ” my Scottish stone courtyard – so planting containers at the moment . Like your advice on lighting, this is what I need to think about next.


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