Fashion Houses

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People ask me where I get my colour inspiration and pairings from, generally everything and anything is a catalyst: travel, fashion, textiles, nature, food, packaging etc. I will focus on fashion in this post, as it is a major reference for me as I am just as passionate about fashion as I am interiors. If fashion is not your thing it doesn’t matter, you can still use this as a guide on how to uncover colours and textures which you can simply translate it into your home. I have some images below that show this perfectly, how using a source like fashion can be recreated in an interior setting.SGD - Fashion House 1

I recently saw this image of the lady in the green and yellow outfit and immediately it reminded me of this interior on the right. Granted this is not for the faint hearted, it is a bold and confident choice. TIP – if using dark colours make sure the accent is bright, so it stands out, otherwise it will be lost and have no impact.
SGD - Fashion House 2

The image above is not just about good colour parings but also getting inspiration on pattern. It really is as simple as seeing an outfit and breaking down the individual elements that make it work as a whole look.

So have a look at the outfit you are wearing today or someone elses that catches your eye, could the colours/pattern lend itself to your next interior scheme?

Still feeling a bit lost, well my next style surgery class focuses on using colour in more detail. Contact me at my email for more information or keep your eyes peeled for updates on my Facebook for the next date

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