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No matter what time of year, we are always looking for interior solutions and design ideas for our homes. I thought you would like a list of some easy and quick suggestions. None of them will cost much money or any at all, but guaranteed they will all give any room in your home an instant face lift.

FLOWERS: Flowers are a great way to introduce colour and scent into a room and even better if you dot them about your room in different vases or containers to vary the height. I have a mixture of real and faux flowers, good ones not the hideous plastic looking things that you see displayed in funeral parlours, that is enough to send you to your grave! I am not overly keen on the flowers below, but what I do like is they are a nice contrast to the strong colour palette of the room below. Plants are also good, if you would rather something that didn’t need as much maintenance and last longer. I like the second image below the oversized plant at the fireplace, play around with scale it really does make a difference. The idea is to go for something different that is not the bog standard arrangement.  If you prefer smaller plants then group a few together to give you that impact.

tADmagazine.fr Classic Rock article may 2014

ADD PATTERN: Again this is another instant lift to a room, whether it is a rug, cushions or wallpaper it will add some interest.  This room below would certainly be lacking if it didn’t have the striped rug. I like the mixture of textures in the owners furniture but you don’t get the boldness unless you add a pattern. Try mixing patterns, my only tip would be to keep in mind the same colour palette. The monochrome look below, you could add polka dots or chevrons again in black and white or even incorporate one of the accent colours of green and red that feature in  the image below.


CHANGE POSITION OF FURNITURE: The beauty of this is it won’t cost you anything, it might be you move a piece of furniture that is already in the room, or take something from another room to add or do a swap. I do this quite a lot and it gives your room a new perspective and possibly a new focal point. If don’t like then you just move it back, but at least give it a go you might be surprised.  This is probably why I don’t by all my furniture from the same shop, I am not a fan of matching furniture. I feel people get bogged down with everything being co-ordinated as it is very restrictive. If mix styles you will create a less formal look as well as allowing more flexibility. We generally all wish for more room, but the problem lies not with the lack of space but where the furniture is positioned. Don’t have everything pushed back to the walls, could you walk behind your sofa instead? Put a console table behind it and make that another focal? If you are lucky enough and have large rooms, create little zones within. The image below on the right has lounge area in the middle and a dinning/work area next to the window. The dining area has its own designated light and art work which help to give it as much purpose in the room as the seating area.

SGD -face lift  Via New Paris Style:Florence Baudoux home photo by Richard Powers

ADD ANOTHER LIGHT SOURCE: As I have said before, you can never have too many lights (click on link to previous post) position lights at different heights and angles to suit your mood or requirement, it helps to highlight, illuminate and create an atmosphere.  The image below is a good example of how a the distribution of light is better even when don’t use a ceiling pendant. I am not a fan in terms of the light they give off, I do like using them as a focal but never put a lamp in them, if have to then I put in a low-wattage lamp.

Via ACE hotel website

INTRODUCE A BOLD COLOUR: If you don’t have the confidence start with a room that is smaller or a room you are not in all the time.  It could be you only paint one wall in a stronger colour, like below.  But how much better do the flowers and the turquoise vases look with the strong grey colour as a back drop, much more dramatic and demands attention. Painting a wall will take an afternoon and I am sure you will not regret it and might find you paint the other walls.


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