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We have been having some great weather of late and I am sure once you have finished work or at the weekend you have been trying as much as possible to escape outdoors and get some well needed rays.  I have been doing a bit of work outside, nothing major, just planting some things and painting sheds and pulling out the never-ending weeds. Now its time to turn my attention to furnishing the space, which I am enjoying sourcing.

Like any interior project, you need to figure out your style and also work out your budget as this will dictate what you can and want to buy. I would absolutely love to have an outdoor kitchen, not the ridiculous industrial kitchens you see in American homes. But somewhere that has a bench with some storage, a place to barbeque and grow some herbs.  I am not in a position to do this anytime soon, but hopefully one day I will be posting an image of my outdoor kitchen area, similar to the images below.

I love layering plants of different green colours like below, climbing the walls, in various pots and sizes and positioned at various heights so your eyes can’t take it all in with one glance.  The over sized white pots are also really nice and not the obvious plant pots you see by the millions. This is achievable and something that you can add to every year to get this layered look.  If you go for plants like boxwoods and ivy they look good all year round. As you can probably tell I am not a gardener hence my limited knowledge of plants!


Next thing on my garden wish list is an outdoor fireplace, I really like the work of Californian design collective Commune Design  and thought this would be a good image to show you. When you search for outdoor fireplaces you will see some over the top examples that would take up most of your garden, I like the simple styles that are not screaming for attention.  It is a bit minimal for me and would need to add more plants, pots and furniture into this space, however do like the bench seating area and envious of their established plants. Lots of good textures and natural materials in play here.

Via Commune Design - silver lade

One of the realistic items on my list is to get a table for the garden, if you have a place to eat, read or do some work (hmm that’s doubtful) you are more likely to sit outside as long as the weather allows! Doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is there is no shortage of styles and sizes.  I am not a plastic garden furniture type, so I am thinking of going to my local recycling centre and picking up a wooden table that I can paint. Something quite chunky and interesting shape of legs. I like the table on the right below, it has a lovely aged look so don’t have to worry about leaving it out all year round. Go for bench seating so you can fit more people and ideal for storing under the table when not in use.  When not using in the winter it is a place to put pots of plants like the image further up with the green metal chairs. deardesigner - via style files

Lighting is another important addition to any garden space. I would seriously like some festoon lights, in the left hand image above. I have a thing for exposed lamps and seriously need to speak to my electrician about how I can make this happen. Failing that I have lots of lanterns, that are a good buy as you can also use them indoors. In meantime I will get some solar lights, as you have probably guessed I am fussy when it comes to solar lights. Particularly those that come in animal shapes, where the eyes light up.  I am laughing thinking about these, maybe it is me being ridiculous, but just can’t understand why you would want them? Up to you at the end of the day, and it would be boring if we all like the same thing.  I absolutely love the image below, love the dark colours, with the accent of green. The string lights are a lovely canopy of subtle light and the vintage furniture is fantastic.

Via Apartment therapy LED string lights

If you just saw the headings: Lighting, fireplace, table and kitchen you wouldn’t think I was talking about an outdoor space. Treat your garden as you would any other room in your house. It needs texture, pattern and colour and in order to get the most out of your garden you need to design and furnish it in a way that suits your life and style. I admit my wish list wouldn’t be others, this post is not for you to do the same it is to get you thinking about what you would like to escape to. Maybe it is a summer house, maybe it is tending to a vegetable patch or maybe its somewhere for others to escape to so you get some peace, like a tree house?  If you are daunted, then collect images of what you like, search the internet for furniture that will both work inside and out, it means you don’t have to buy two lots. Collate everything and work out what you can purchase this year and build it up to eventually have the garden you always wanted.  In the mean time, I am sure we would all be happy sitting on the grass or ground if it meant we had guaranteed sun this summer!









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