Dual Personality

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SGD - dual personality1 SGD - Light Relief - photo Julie Christie

Not all your pieces of furniture in you home, need to fulfil their intended purpose.  A chair can double up as a bedside table and a bass drum can be a side table in your lounge.  It might be you are not able to afford a particular piece of furniture you have your eye on. So it is a case of making do with what you have while you save up.  It can also bring to life an object or piece of furniture that was sitting unused, or it might have been ear marked for the dump as the chair seat or drum were broken.  What about salvaging that piece of furniture and re-using in a different way? The orange bent wood chair, pictured above, I painted this chair in a bold colour to give it a new lease of life and while it was dubious as a chair, it makes a brilliant bedside table.  This picture was taken before I had even purchased a bed, so you can see my priorities are slightly in the wrong order.  I would rather a quirky bedside table than a bed!

I am not a fan of matching furniture, particularly matching bedside tables.  It just feels a bit uptight and a bit  I get that it is practical, but it is the same as every bedroom you see .  What about using old trunks or a suitcase?  I won the monogrammed suitcase and trunk below from Curr and Dewars Auction House, and they are brilliant for storing all sorts and they were not expensive. They are more interesting than the obvious storage you are meant to have in a bedroom.  I have also used them as a coffee table in my lounge, so they get a new role when I feel the mood for a change.

SGD - Dual Personality 4

The images of the furnture above are what you could call multifunctional.  In the case of the luggage trunk it is a seat, storage, and a table.  This is perfect if you live in a small property, or are a first time buyer and don’t have the funds to buy lots of furniture, you need to make the furniture you can afford work for you and anything that has a dual personality is perfect solution.

Last point I will make is how important scale is when introducing furniture.

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