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Hardware, ironmongery, door furniture however you refer to it, is something that most people overlook, when it really shouldn’t be.  The small considered details are what make your interior special and authentic.  I have a genuine love for sourcing interesting ironmongery, particularly older styles that have character and are a statement piece.

A door handle is one of the first things anyone will make contact with when visiting a home or business, so why would you just put on a bog standard handle and spend time and money on everything else?   Like most people you inherit the door furniture when you buy a house, in most cases it is the same generic handle that you have seen a million times.  However that doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Ironmongery is like accessories are to an outfit, it can take an unassuming door and turn it into something unique and individual.

I appreciate this could be an expensive endeavour to change all your handles in your home. So take it in stages.  I am lucky I only have pull handles for my internal doors, so I can fit new ones fairly cheaply and don’t need to get anyone in to do it for me.  What about starting with your kitchen or wardrobe doors, they will be simple pull handles.  However bear in mind you will need to fill the existing holes, unless the handle is the same size (probably unlikely) This really only works when have a painted door or cupboard, as you can disguise the holes when paint it.

The images below, show an exterior door and internal cupboard doors. I love the different  metals against the natural and the painted wood.  Particularly the brass handles and hinges on the black cupboard doors, makes this piece look very expensive. The red tassels are also a nice touch, simple thing to copy. Use small tie backs or if you enjoy a craft project make your own with embroidery thread. When picking handles consider the colour and the style of the door, as this will lend it’s self to a particular handle.  however, I personally like mixing styles, so a very ornate traditional handle on a simple modern door.

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As well as door handles another element that is overlooked in people’s homes is light switches and things like door bells, granted this is maybe something I notice but I have changed all my light switches and sockets in my flat, it is a little detail but you will be surprised how many people comment on them, so people do notice.  I will post a picture of my light switches when I cover a post on lighting.

I slight tangent, but another items that makes a good impression when someone visits your home for the first time is door bells. I love this door bell, my electrician will roll his eyes when I tell him this is his next job to install beauty.

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