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I thought I would talk about displaying artwork. It seems to be something I am asked about a lot. For me displaying pictures/art (when i refer to art, I don’t mean expensive one-off pieces of art, however if you are lucky enough to own some, high-five!) is key to adding personality and interest and means you end up with a home that represents you and avoids looking like a showhome. It does take time to build a collection but this doesn’t mean parting with serious cash. The majority of what I display in frames are postcards, old photographs, wallpaper samples and posters. (I will talk more about sourcing artwork/pictures in another post)

Now the part that people have difficulty with, now you have found a picture to frame how do I display it? Well the good news is there are not set rules , I have tried all sorts of configurations when displaying my pictures and I have listed a few below along with some images, which will hopefully illustrate my point better.

LAYER – lean art on walls, on radiators, on the floor – make sure you vary the size of the frames, and also put pictures in front of other pictures this is good trick if renting, as you are not fixing directly onto the wall. If layering on a shelf add some other items other than frames. In this imageDisplaying Art 1. to the left the owner has introduce some large numbers and also other objects that helps to make it more interesting and means you eyes move around to take it all in.





FRAMES – This is a personal preference whether you want to use matching frames or mix the style of frames and sizes to give a more relaxed and eclectic feel. Also you don’t need to frame all your pictures, you could just fix a picture directly to the wall with blue-tack or use a hanger. I liked because they are positioned above eye level, this particular owner has a double height ceiling and this part of wall lends itself to displaying their art, when I first saw this picture my eyes homed straight for Displaying Art 2the pictures. It is unconventional which is probably while I like. Most people would have put them on the black wall above the sideboard. Nice touch!






Once you are confident with displaying art then my next tip would be to keep it fresh, by re-arraDisplaying Art 5nging your pictures or moving them to different room. I do this quite often, but I am lucky that I have painted walls so this is not an issue as it would be if they were wallpapered. It’s amazing how many people ask me if I have purchased new art work when really all have done is moved it do a different wall or positioned in a different room. This maybe something you will do down the line, once you have the confidence and also enough of a collection. Believe me once you start displaying art, you will be impressed with the result that you will be sourcing your next art work to display!

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