Curated compositions

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Today’s post is all about getting you to look at your possessions/objects you love in a different way. By re-organising and showcasing them you can to bring them to life, as well as adding interest to any given space or a piece of furniture. All successful interiors have an element of clever styling and that is how your space will look more inviting.

Play with scale and texture, it is an essential tool when curating a room.  Rather than having everything the same shape or size, experiment.  It means your eyes move around the room or composition, meaning you won’t digest it all at once.  This is a good thing!

Figure out if you like a symmetrical or abstract arrangement.  And if prefer one, challenge yourself to try the opposite as it might be a welcome change.  I really like this image below that has a composition to one side of an alcove. You would expect to see the same on either side, I like it is breaking the so-called interior rules.

SGD Curated Compositions via stef-bakker

If that seems a bit daunting, start with curating objects by a colour or use. This is a good example below

SGD - curated compositions Red Mag

This can be continued but on a larger scale, say a bookcase.

SGD Curated Compositions - Est Mag July #9 bookcase display

Be prepared to edit and add to a composition. It won’t necessarily come together on your first attempt, but don’t be put off. I continually curate parts of a room that I feel that are not quite right or don’t suit a particular season.  It is a great way of reviving a room by moving things in from other rooms. Work with what you have, as this might reveal I nice composition. You can always build on it, take it in manageable stages. It will appear as thought it is random and effortless composition.

When I work on my own curated compositions I don’t follow a theme (such as colour coding above) I tend to mix it up and I am less strict.  I would say I incorporate lots of references, and introduce pieces that have meaning to me and have a story to tell.

SDG Curated compositions

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