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With every new year there are always new trends that go with it, and interiors is no exception. Just to keep it confusing different brands will select a different colour of the year.  It comes down to personal taste whether you like the colour and more importantly do you care about following trend? I don’t, but it is an option if you are stuck for a colour to try next and are looking for some inspiration. My advice would be to look at different tones of the so-called trend colours and find what connects with you. What I mean is try and not to go for the obvious, the same swatch colour that is featured in all the design magazines. There are lots of paint companies, so look beyond Dulux (not that there is anything wrong with Dulux) as I can guarantee that is what everyone will be using. Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth, Paint Library, The Little Greene and so on. They all have good websites, and will post out swatch cards free of charge. So widen your resources for paint, and inspiration, the effort will pay off.

TIP: Once you have narrowed down your search and have a few testers, don’t paint directly onto wall. Get large sheets of paper at least A3 size and paint your tester colour on there. It will mean you can move it around the room, so you can see what it looks like and you don’t have to live with little squares painted on the wall before you have time to paint on the new colour. You can pin it behind art work, furniture and behind lamps. You will find out if it works with the items of furnishings you are keeping.  You want to see what it looks like in both artificial and natural light as the appearance of the colour will change dramatically.

We all have a sense of style, we are all drawn to particular colours, patterns and textures even if you don’t think you have or can’t vocalise what your style is.  Interestingly our styles are always going to change, develop as we go through the years. This is what keeps your interior interesting and will mean that it is never boring or obvious.

My current obsession is using black walls, I have had the images below on file for a long time and plan to decorate my spare room, which frankly has been neglected.  People might be intimidated to use this colour on interior walls, It is a dramatic and elegant colour but does take bit of courage. It would work in any room in your house, the key is to make sure you limit soften the impact by teaming with lots of neutrals and or bring in a hint of a bright, vivid colour. See the yellow accent in the kitchen image below.

RomanandWilliams - 211 Elizabeth stbed_detail2_75789959kkstrend-2010_71508057Panelling

If black walls are a step too far,  why don’t you do the reverse and have neutral walls and lots of black furniture, dark flooring, black accessories. It is a classic look and blank canvas to add whatever accent colour you want.

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