Curated compositions

Curated compositions

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Today’s post is all about getting you to look at your possessions/objects you love in a different way. By re-organising and showcasing them you can to bring them to life, as well as adding interest to any given space or a piece of furniture. All successful interiors have an element of clever styling and that […]

Above and beyond

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When decorating a room, am I right in thinking the only consideration you have about the ceiling is what shade of white you are going to paint it? I am also guilty of this and I think it is time to break with tradition, and widen our focus, are you with me? Well maybe the […]

All plated up

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I have touched on the art of displaying in a previous post but it would be impossible to cover everything in one post, so from time to time I will come back to this topic.  I want to encourage you to rethink your notion of what can be displayed on a wall, other than the obvious […]

Beautiful Bathrooms

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Treat bathrooms like you would any other room in your house. Yes they need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they have to devoid of your personality and style that you have created in other rooms in your home. The images below show successfully how to create a bathroom that doesn’t actually look like […]

Fashion Houses

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People ask me where I get my colour inspiration and pairings from, generally everything and anything is a catalyst: travel, fashion, textiles, nature, food, packaging etc. I will focus on fashion in this post, as it is a major reference for me as I am just as passionate about fashion as I am interiors. If […]

Sourcing ‘Art’ Work

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On a previous post, I spoke about how to display ‘art’ however, it occurred to me after that I probably should have talked about where to source ‘art’ first. Rather than buying the same generic prints that you see in most house’s, I won’t mention examples as don’t want to offend and at the end of the […]

Displaying Art

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I thought I would talk about displaying artwork. It seems to be something I am asked about a lot. For me displaying pictures/art (when i refer to art, I don’t mean expensive one-off pieces of art, however if you are lucky enough to own some, high-five!) is key to adding personality and interest and means […]

Garderners’ world

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Seeing we have had some lovely weather this week, my plan this weekend is to get out in the garden. I am very much a person who sees my garden as another room and treat it the same way I do when designing an indoor space. Don’t be afraid to do this despite being outdoors, […]