Ideal Home Magazine – Article 2014

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Delighted to feature in the Ideal Home Magazines latest edition (March 2014.) Received an early copy through the post today, I believe it will be in the shops February time.  I worked alongside a friend and colleague Jessica Kiddle who managed to take all my ramblings and put it into a great article.  The photographer […]

Inspired by Dundee

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  Last year I was asked what inspires me about Dundee, article link below:        

New beginnings

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New year and new beginnings, who else over the festive period cleaned out a cupboard or a room? It felt like all I did was clean and edit rooms! However, there is definitely something satisfying about organising your belongings before you start a new year.  Your home always looks and feels more inviting over the […]

Dual Personality

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Not all your pieces of furniture in you home, need to fulfil their intended purpose.  A chair can double up as a bedside table and a bass drum can be a side table in your lounge.  It might be you are not able to afford a particular piece of furniture you have your eye on. So it […]

Style Surgery – Christmas Edition

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Next Style Surgery I am running will be on styling your home for Christmas.  Topics I will cover: Decorating/designing with the senses – you need to consider all the senses when creating a festive treat, to make a memorable space. Entertaining – tips for styling your dining table and also presentation of food and drinks Decorating […]

Out on the tiles

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I recently posted this picture on my Instagram, it was a picture I took in New York a year ago, when visiting my brother. For those of you that know me, I have a thing about displaying numbers and letters, so you will understand why I take this type of image!  I love the subway […]

Light Relief

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I promised I would post about lighting and how important it is an important tool for interiors, particularly when using dark colours on the wall.  The key is to strike a balance between being functional – so you can see what you are doing – and creating atmosphere. You achieve this by layering lights. By […]

Door Accessories

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Hardware, ironmongery, door furniture however you refer to it, is something that most people overlook, when it really shouldn’t be.  The small considered details are what make your interior special and authentic.  I have a genuine love for sourcing interesting ironmongery, particularly older styles that have character and are a statement piece. A door handle […]

Trading Places & Sources

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Interiors have this amazing quality that we don’t often realise. Are you aware that you behave or feel different in certain spaces, maybe it is just me? I have certain places I regularly visit, just to sit in, and I instantly feel better. It could be a friend’s house, a hotel, a shop that you […]

Who’s afraid of the dark?

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Most people seem to be when it comes to interiors, why are we not embracing the dark colours more?  I can understand people’s hesitation when it comes to using really strong colours like black, they think it will be oppressive and feel like they have ben sent to live in solitary confinement.  I was converted […]