Beautiful Bathrooms

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Treat bathrooms like you would any other room in your house. Yes they need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they have to devoid of your personality and style that you have created in other rooms in your home.

The images below show successfully how to create a bathroom that doesn’t actually look like a bathroom, they are not sterile and bland. How do you achieve this well a simple check list is below:

  • Add pictures, signs, painting, mirrors to walls
  • Add plants (different sizes and types of plants) or flowers (they like moisture)
  • Add free-standing furniture (if space allows, but it this can be a wall mounted cupboard)
  • Add decorative light fittings other than recessed downlights – wall and ceiling lights great way of adding interest and there are lots of fittings that a suitable for bathroom
  • Candles, great way to change the mood especially if want a relaxing candle lit bath

SGD - bathroom 1 SGD - Bathroom2 SGD - bathroom 3

So my challenge to you is to continue your style in the bathroom, why don’t you add a picture or a plant, display some objects (even if it is some nice cosmetic bottles on a shelf?) Take inspiration from the images above, I guarantee by adding interest, colour and texture it will help soften the clinical look and become a more enjoyable space.

Have a look at my Facebook for more pictures of how I have designed my bathroom


  1. Linda Gordon
    29th July 2013

    Why doesn’t my downstairs bathroom look more like those? Classy

    • soozgordon
      29th July 2013

      Take inspiration from the images and you can replicate this look. Makes for a more interesting space.


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