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I really enjoy styling events and was lucky enough to be asked to style a pop-up prosecco bar for  local company Aitken Wines an independent wine specialist who are celebrating 140 years in the business.  It is definitely a challenge to create something special for just one night, as always budget was limited and it needed to be installed and dismantled easily. So hand-made paper decorations was the way to go.


Some pictures below from the night: The venue was the original site of Aitken Wines and seeing as it was established in 1874 I like the idea of giving a nod to their heritage and using vintage items like the push bike, brown paper bunting, string, candles, luggage tags and hand written signs.

Aitkens table decorations Aitkens straws Aitken bicycle aitkens menu board

Granted it was a lot of work for one night and I wouldn’t expect everyone to go to that level of detail for a party you are throwing in your house. But if you are like me do you spend ages thinking what you are going to wear and also what food and drink you are going to offer when hosting a party? So I would say it is worth the effort to pay equal attention to how you style your home, as it will create an instant atmosphere.  Believe me friends, family and work colleagues will appreciate the effort and it is guaranteed to make for a more memorable party.  It doesn’t need to cost the earth either and best thing is you can reuse any decorations you buy or make for all your parties.  It will become your signature style!

It could be as simple as putting out flowers, layering candles, using nice glasses and serving food on interesting platters. Don’t get me wrong I love a cheese and pickle hedgehog as much as the next person but think out the box when serving food and drink.  I have some easy ideas to replicate below:

cheese board fruit ice cubes glass  bottles - ikea Bar table

Serve food on large wooden platters, no matter what food it looks good and keeps a relaxed feel to your party, just put out cocktail sticks and napkins. No need to use plates or even worse spend the next day washing them.  Add fruit or herbs to your ice-cube trays, such a nice touch when serving a drink, it can work in any season so use what is available.  To save making individual drinks decant wine or cocktails into glass bottles, you can add labels to them to allow folk to help themselves. Again it is just another simple detail, but looks great.  I have loads of these bottles and use them all the time. They are from reliable Ikea. One of my favourite things to do when having people round is to set up a bar table or trolley. It has all manner of drinks, mixers, glasses, bottle openers and so on. Remember to add some flowers or if you have any interesting bar ware put it on display.

Remember to think about the senses no matter what style or themed party you are having not all about the visual. Smell and sound are very important so use fresh herbs or light scented candles (be carefully not to use cheap scented candles as they will give everyone a headache, sorry I am a candle snob!) or forget about scented candles if you are making food that smells great and get making up a playlist.  That way you can just enjoy the evening as everything is taken care of.

I am now in the mood of having a party, I am away to see when everyone is free.


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