All plated up

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tOAST PLATE jeroen van der spek - plates

I have touched on the art of displaying in a previous post but it would be impossible to cover everything in one post, so from time to time I will come back to this topic.  I want to encourage you to rethink your notion of what can be displayed on a wall, other than the obvious pictures and photographs in a frame. I chose the images of the plates, as it something that appeals to me at the moment.  I think this is down to wanting to vary the shapes on display and you don’t find many round pictures! It doesn’t necessarily have to be plates, it is just to illustrate the point. It could be a collection of mirrors, or taxidermy anything that you want.

I should also stress it doesn’t have to be all plates or all mirrors on display, you could easily mix up the items and create a display that includes what you have available to display. Below is an image of one of my wall displays in my flat.  I have included lots of different shapes, textures and styles.  It makes for a less contrived and bland display, that you see time and time again.

So my challenge to you is the next time you are looking to buy a new piece to display on the wall, go for a different shape and different type of art.  It will take your display to a whole other level, and it is refreshing to try something new.

SGD- All plated up

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