Above and beyond

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SGD - Ceiling3SGD - Ceiling1

When decorating a room, am I right in thinking the only consideration you have about the ceiling is what shade of white you are going to paint it? I am also guilty of this and I think it is time to break with tradition, and widen our focus, are you with me? Well maybe the images above will help to persuade you that we are missing an opportunity to create something different and take our interior to another level. Some ways we can add interest to a ceiling are by using wallpaper (stripes or my favourite the wallpaper that looks like old american tin tiles), cladding it in wood, or simply choosing a bold colour rather than the standard white. I had great intentions to clad my bedroom ceiling in distressed wood, which was sadly not in my budget, it is definetly somthing I will do at a later date. In the mean time I will just refer to these images or possibly persuade a client to go down this route? Another idea would be to use the wall transfers, instead of going on the wall, put on the ceiling, however I suggest this with caution. Don’t just put any wall transfer on the ceiling, please consider before putting up as it could look fairly naff. Rooms I would suggest to start with for a ceiling detail would be, either a bathroom or a bedroom as these are rooms were you look at the ceiling more so than any other room. I want to encourage you to think beyond the obvious when designing a space. When you experiment and try something new it is always more rewarding and will be a more memorable space.

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